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Cellux Cream

    Cellux Cream

    The dense, firm skin condensation that changes every day makes you younger and more beautiful.
    AHA: It melts the stratum corneum of the skin to help absorb the active ingredient's skin and promotes turnover, creating healthy and smooth skin.
    • AHA complex helps to eliminate old stratum corneum and increase skin absorbency of active ingredients. Helps normalize the skin turnover cycle, which turns aged skin into younger skin.
    BHA: It melts waste materials and old keratin materials deep inside the skin to complete a clear skin expression, calms the skin and at the same time keeps sebum and keratin in the pores.
    • BHA complex ingredient removes dead skin pores and dead skin cells to complete a clear and clean skin base. It has a tightening effect and reduces irritation, making your skin healthier and more comfortable.
    AHA, BHA, YL-X : Excellent for skincare and sebum control. It regulates pore management, sebum, and wastes, and prepares it as clear, healthy and elastic skin.
    -Adenosine aggravates tired skin from aging factors and helps to replenish young skin effectively.
    -AO complex (golden, oiliness, licorice, phytoestrogen, grapes) darkens skin tone and gives a clear and bright skin.
    Main ingredients:
    Licorice extract, mulberry extract, grape extract, bilberry fruit extract, sugar maple extract, orange fruit extract, lemon extract, glycyrrhic acid, ricic acid, adenosine
    • Celux Cream has a unique flavor of fruit acid and may have a feeling of tenderness.
    • If you increase the usage more than double, it will help you to confirm the rapid change.
    • For the first week, use it once every 2 days in the evening, then use it every day from the week after.

    Skin type : All skin

     e50ml/ 1.69FL oz